Magex Technologies previously integrated electronic leasing into its real estate tools. With the agreement of the Régie du logement, this electronic lease is perfectly legal and official.

Including the same sectors and fields as those of the traditional version of the lease, electronic version allows you to transmit the lease by email and archive it in the software for all future consultations.

How it works ?

Directly on Bail Expert, you just need to create a unit and enter the price information, dates, services, conditions, names of the tenants, etc. Once the information has been filled out, all you have to do is go to the “Leases” section of the unit in question and click on “Print” to obtain it in an official format of the Régie du logement’s lease.

First of all, you must obtain pre-paid leases from your Customer Area on the Magex Technologies website. Each print will deduct your rights from one unit. Once completed, you can consult it as many times as you wish.

How to sign the lease electronically?