Magex Technologies has just launched a pro version of its online lease creation and management software, Bail Expert. This new version of the product was created to meet the growing demand from property managers and owners. They could perform their lease management through a specialized software adapted to real estate, but continue to keep track of their accounting operations in a regular accounting software.

What Happens with Bail Expert?

“Standard” Bail Expert is our free software; our upgraded software does not change this. Bail Expert “standard” is a platform that allows its users to create and sign electronic leases. The pricing will be based on the number of leases used. In other words, the user only pays for the number of electronic leases he needs, with no monthly fees. At the moment, our pricing is $7.95/unit.

And What About Bail Expert Pro?

The new pro version of Bail Expert is more complete than the standard version. Bail Expert pro is a rental management software. It includes the functionalities of Bail Expert, in addition to all the following features:

Rental Management

This rental management section includes several features. For example, you will be able to: 

  • Collect rent payments
  • Create and manage your RL-31 slips
  • Create and manage your renewal notices
  • Communicate with your tenants via a communication portal

Tenant Management

This management module allows you to manage your tenants as soon as they move into your property. You will be able to: Receive rental applications online

Carry out credit checks online

Generate and sign an electronic lease (signature approved by the Tribunal administratif du logement).

Document Management

This document management section allows you to create, organize, and find your online documents quickly. You will be able to: 

  • Have access to our bank of sample letters and forms
  • Create a sample letter that suits your needs

Rent Payment Management

This section is coming soon; it is under development with our partner. Once ready, you will be able to receive online payments, so you can: 

  • Link your bank account
  • Invite your tenants to use the online payment
  • Receive the payments directly into your bank account
  • Offer your tenants the possibility to pay by debit/credit card or cryptocurrency

Email Follow-Up

This section allows you to track your communications. You will be able to: 

  • Send certified emails from the software
  • Get an email status when a tenant interacts with it

Sent email: Means the tenant received it, but did not open it Rejected email: Means it was blocked by an anti-spam tool Opened email: Means the tenant received and opened it


As mentioned earlier, the use of the standard Bail Expert is free and will remain so. Now, as for Bail Expert Pro, we are offering this new set of features to our users starting at $9.95/month (excluding the unit cost of electronic leases used).

Our goal in launching a pro version of our Bail Expert software was to offer an affordable solution, while providing more flexibility to property managers and owners.