Bail Expert is a software that allows you to create and manage your electronic leases. It also allows you to administer your tenants’ data, send renewal and increase notices, publish your vacant apartments as well as create reports on your buildings or units. 

To get started with Bail Expert, you must first and foremost enter the information necessary to create a lease for a specific unit. For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a simple and efficient procedure to create an electronic lease. 

Step #1: Enter the data about the building

During this step, the web application will guide you to fill in all the necessary information to identify the building. The entry of these data will allow the software to transpose them directly on the document. Thus, you will have to fill in the form in order to indicate, among other things

  • The street address of the institution;
  • The name and address of the owner;
  • The first and last name and contact information of the manager;
  • Contact information for the concierge;
  • Your emergency contact information.

To accompany you, we also created a short video so you can have visual support: View the vignette on YouTube.

Step #2: Create the unit for which you wish to complete a lease

The platform will then allow you to fill in all the data related to the unit for which you wish to create an electronic lease. This information will be automatically transcribed on the document. You will have to fill in the spaces in the form to indicate, among other things

  • Le numéro de l’appartement;
  • The characteristics of the latter (number of rooms, charges included, amenities, number of parking spaces, etc.);
  • Photos of the accommodation (optional);
  • The amount of rent, if there was an increase or renewal of the previous lease.

Below is the video clip to visually follow the creation of a unit: View the clip on YouTube.

Step #3: Fill out the lease

This step will allow you to enter the precise information about the tenant and the specific conditions of this rental. Once again, the data filled out in the form will be directly transferred to the document. In this section, you will be asked to indicate:

  • Tenant information (first and last name, phone number, email address, etc.);
  • Tenant’s endorser, if any;
  • Features included in the lease (e.g. furniture, services, taxes, consumption costs, etc.);
  • Building regulations (in the form of an attachment);
  • The current address of the tenant.

If you feel the need, feel free to watch the video below for more details on how to do so: View the YouTube clip.

Step #4: Send and sign the lease

Now all you have to do is send the document to your tenants to get their signature and then sign it yourself! To do so, you must :

  1. Click on the lease;
  2. Make sure you have purchased the lease printing rights from the Régie du logement;
  3. Click on the print button at the top right;
  4. Send the lease to your tenants by email;
  5. Write the message that will be sent with the lease;
  6. Sign electronically in your turn.

For more details on how to send the lease for signature to your tenants as well as sign it yourself, watch the following video: View the YouTube clip.