Is It Legal to Create and Sign Leases Online?

Today, with the rise in popularity of electronic platforms, many tasks traditionally done in person can now be done completely online. The real estate industry is no exception! Many of the day-to-day activities of a property owner or manager can now be done through software. 

Completing and writing a lease, is there anything more typical? Every year, many real estate professionals complete and sign dozens and dozens of leases, moving from home to home (or having their new tenants travel). 

To save time and energy, many landlords and property managers are turning to easy solutions like Bail Expert, our online lease creation and management software.

But a question remains: what is the value of an electronic lease in the eyes of the Tribunal admistratif du logement?

The Validity of the Electronic Lease

For the TAL, an electronic lease is just as valid as a lease signed face to face. In fact, it would be possible for the landlord to purchase a form remotely, fill it out, scan it, and send it to the tenant so that they can complete it. 

Thus, each party has a copy of the lease, which is signed by both parties. This way of doing things has the same legal value as a printed, handwritten contract.

How Bail Expert Works

By choosing a solution like Bail Expert, you can complete all these actions on a single platform. 

Therefore, you can buy your lease from the TAL, fill it out, sign it, and send it by email to your tenant in order for them to sign it. Moreover, buying a lease with Bail Expert ensures a legal and official signature via Esign Connect (included in the purchase).

Once the lease is completed, in due form, you can archive it in a few clicks and keep it on the platform. You can then consult it as many times as you want. 


Bail Expert allows you to create, sign, and manage your leases online for the unit price of $7.95 per lease. 

But that’s not all; our software does not limit you to these features. On the contrary! Several other features for rental management and communication are available to you. 

Discover the features of Bail Expert.