What Is an Electronic Lease Creation and Management Software?

What Is the Purpose of Online Lease Creation Software? 

Being a good property manager is not always an easy task. To excel in this field, you must be able to balance income property management and day-to-day operations.

Thus, to facilitate your work, you could acquire a web application that will help you manage your units. This type of platform includes features to keep in one place the information you interact with on a daily basis. 

In fact, electronic management allows you to have access to all the necessary information everywhere and at all times. 

Get ready to say goodbye to filing cabinets and hours of organizing. Moreover, switching to digital management allows you to avoid unnecessary travel and save time and energy.

What Are the Basic Features?

Electronic lease creation and management platforms offer three basic functionalities: online lease creation, electronic signature, and lease and tenant data management.

Creating a Lease First, the creation of a lease is compliant with the legal template of the Tribunal administratif du logement. You will have to fill out, in due form, every section of the lease.

Electronic Signature Then you can send the lease to your tenant to make it official with a signature from them and then from you. Tools like Esign Connect (official and legal electronic signature) will allow you to access the same appeal as with a paper lease.

Lease and Tenant Data Management Finally, online lease creation and management platforms allow you to store all your data right in the software. This means you can access your information anywhere and anytime.

Choose Bail Expert to optimize your property management

In addition to offering you the creation, signing, and management of your electronic leases, Bail Expert offers several other features that will make your daily management easier.

Send Renewal and Increase Notices With our web platform, you can send your increase or renewal notices online and have your tenant sign it directly.  You will be able to create these documents with just a few clicks and manage arrivals, departures, and renewals with one tool.

Rental Portal Management and Vacancy Marketing With Bail Expert, you have access to a rental portal that allows you to quickly see the registered leases and notices, the signatures made as well as those to be made, and the emails sent and those received. Furthermore, Bail Expert allows you to market your vacant units from within the software. In fact, a few clicks are enough to expose your vacant units on several networks.

Access to Our Partners’ Websites (AppartMap, Clic Appart, Kangalou, Appartogo) Thanks to the software, you can post your vacant units on our partners’ websites (AppartMap, ClicAppart, Kangalou, Appartogo) for an increased visibility.

Generate Reports on Your Buildings and Units (Exportable to PDF, Word, or Excel) Finally, Bail Expert allows you to create management reports. These reports include information on your buildings, units, tenants as well as your suppliers, among others.

Join Bail Expert

In short, using an electronic lease creation and management platform like Bail Expert is definitely a step in the right direction to optimize your property management. 

You can join Bail Expert now by creating a free account. You will then be able to create and sign leases online for $7.95 per lease.