The real estate industry is governed by many laws and organizations. No one can do as they please! For this reason, it is important to learn about the criteria that regulate the activities of property owners and managers. Lease, renewal notice, increase notice, RL-31 slips… these are all documents that must be drafted according to […]

Today, with the rise in popularity of electronic platforms, many tasks traditionally done in person can now be done completely online. The real estate industry is no exception! Many of the day-to-day activities of a property owner or manager can now be done through software.  Completing and writing a lease, is there anything more typical? […]

What is the purpose of online lease creation software?  Being a good property manager is not something that can be improvised. To excel in this field, you must be able to balance management with the day-to-day operations of managing income properties. Thus, to facilitate your work, you can think of a web application that will […]

You’re a property manager and sometimes you have your hands full… In the real estate business, you have to be able to handle a lot of day-to-day tasks to keep your properties running smoothly.  Between managing and carrying out daily activities, it is common to have a lot on your shoulders. For this reason, several […]

In addition, post your vacant apartments on the Web! Bail Expert allows you to create leases and publish your vacant apartments in the same software. More your apartments will be visible, the more you convenience to rent them. Our partners will help you publish your vacant apartments on their sites, but also on advertising sites […]