Create your companies and buildings

For property owners and managers who manage one or more companies, you can create as much companies within your software as needed.

You will be able to create your different buildings in order to know your data and your KPIs by building

Create your units and generate your leases

By entering a unit’s information, you will be able to create a lease with the previously entered information in one click. All sections and mentions of the lease will be covered. Completing a lease has never been easier!

Send for an electronic signature

You have access to the legal and official signature of Esign Connect by purchasing electronic leases from the Administrative Housing Tribunal on the Bail Expert software. This allows you to have access to the same remedies as with a paper lease in the event of an appeal against a tenant.

Receive and archive signed leases

No more need for filing cabinets to archive your paper leases! Thanks to Bail Expert, you will have access everywhere, at any time and without contract to the different leases you will create with the software.

Generate your statements 31 and your renewal notices

Create and manage your pre-rental surveys

Save time and money with Bail Expert Pro, we take care of your credit investigations, and this, within our software

Plus, post your vacant apartments on the web!

Bail Expert allows you to create leases and publish your vacant apartments in the same software. The more visible your apartments are, the easier it will be to rent them. Our partners will help you to publish your vacant apartments on their websites, but also on ad sites (LesPAC and Kijiji) and social networks (Facebook)

Start creating electronic leases in 4 easy steps!

Starting at $7.95 / lease

Step 1

Create your company and buildings

Step 2

Create the unit to be leased to display the lease information

Step 3

Complete the sections of the management form and generate an electronic lease

Step 4

Send the lease electronically to tenants for signature and archive it for future reference

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Perfect customer service! Competent and very available! User friendly and very practical software. 5 star service.

Karine Gilbert Immeubles PKMG

Very pleasant software to use & very good customer service

Jean-Pierre Fiducie Jacques Boucher

In addition to the fact that it is a local product, the software has nothing to envy to its competitors. I would even say that it is superior

Éric Roy Coopérative d'habitation la legende

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